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Need more distence added

Need more distence added
by John_Banks on 01/29/04 at 12:23:45

need warp miles.
galexy miles
space miles

how many earth miles to make 1 warp mile.
and also in speeds.

at 65 MPH on the freeway how long will it take to drive 1 warp mile. the distence the star ship enterprise travels at warp 1 in 1 hour.

space ships travel 65 WMPH through space.

barrow the star trecks enterprise  to mesure speed and time and distences.

how many miles per hour is warp speed 1 in an hour. of travel time.

check out star treck search on the web and warp speed.
and speed of light.
and look for calulate warp speed.

if we were to travel 7 days at warp 9.9  how many earth miles did we travled.

for more to add onto Online conversion.com
a warp speed calculator is needed in ths web site.

to calculate miles per second at warp speed 1 or 2 or 3 and up. and same for miles and kilomters.

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