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I just don't know

I just don't know
by queenbee on 02/16/04 at 17:21:07

:(  ???

I am laminating my kitchen but in order to find out how many packs of flooring I would need, I need to find out the size of the area.

Now the problem is I have no idea what a square inch is
and how to measure a square inch, I know this sounds silly but my brain refuses to register what it is even though people have tried explaining it to me.

So my question is how do I measure a square inch?

To give you an idea, (whether it helps or not) my kitchen is in the shape of a [b]T [/b]- Now long part of the[b] T is 145" straight inches and 64" in width[/b].
The top part of the [b]T  156"[/b] in length and [b]36" in width[/b]

Now I dont know if any of the above makes any sense to [b]anyone[/b]

Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated

Thanks  ;D

Re: I just don't know
by Philip Eves on 02/16/04 at 18:14:55

Multiply 146 by 64
Multiply 156 by 36
Add the two answers.
This will give you the total area in square inches.

Re: I just don't know
by queenbee on 02/17/04 at 04:19:17

Ok thanks for that, I did try that but the answer seemed way too much.

However I will take your word for it

Thanks again


Re: I just don't know
by Robert Fogt on 02/17/04 at 10:59:08

That is correct.

Area = Length * Width

The easiest way to think of square inches, is:
inches * inches = inches[sup]2[/sup]

145 inches * 64 inches = 9,280 inches[sup]2[/sup]
156 inches * 36 inches = 5,616 inches[sup]2[/sup]

The total would be:
9,280 + 5,616 = 14,896 square inches

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