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by Robert Hatche on 02/17/04 at 15:30:07

Im not sure how i would convert 39lb/ft to N/cm

i know 1lb = 4.448 N but how do i convert the ft to cm?

by Robert Fogt on 02/17/04 at 16:46:17

To work it out by hand...
1 pound-force = 4.4482216 newton
1 foot = 30.48 centimeter

4.4482216/30.48 = 0.145939

You would multipy lb/ft by the above to get N/cm.

Though make sure you didn't mean [b]lb ft[/b] and [b]N cm[/b] instead.

As a Torque or Energy unit, it would be [b]lb ft[/b] not [b]lb/ft[/b], meaning you would multiply the above two numbers, instead of dividing, to get the conversion factor.

lb/ft * 0.145939 = N/cm
lb ft * 135.581794368 = N cm

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