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Help with spring rates

Help with spring rates
by SonicWRX on 02/17/04 at 19:34:28

Hi i need some one to check my math

I have a spring rate for a car at 33.8 N/mm i want to convert it to lb/in.

If im right i would divide 33.8 by .1751 and get ~193

is .1751 the right convertion fator when going from N/mm to lb/in?

Re: Help with spring rates
by Robert Fogt on 02/18/04 at 10:22:44

1 newton = 0.2248089 pound-force
1 millimeter = 0.0393701 inch

0.2248089/0.0393701 = 5.710143

N/mm * 5.710143 = lb/in

33.8 * 5.710143 = 193.0028334 lb/in

You came out with the same answer as I did, you just did your math differently. I multiplied, and you divided by the reciprocal. Both ways work.

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