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by pgon1217 on 04/01/04 at 16:25:45

Does anyone know of a good conversion program for Palm PDA's.

Re: PDA's
by JeffreyLloyd on 04/02/04 at 15:22:58

That's a good question. I know Word has some...

Re: PDA's
by Robert Fogt on 04/02/04 at 19:41:30

I thought the Palm OS came with a basic conversion program.

I am working on a WindowsXP conversion program, and shortly after that it will be released on the PocketPC. The Palm and Mac versions will take awhile longer.

You might try [url]http://www.rocketdownload.com[/url] which is where I usually look first for software.

There is also a Palm specific area at [url]http://www.tucows.com[/url] which might have some.

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