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Cubic Feet per Minute to Bars (Pressure)

Cubic Feet per Minute to Bars (Pressure)
by Tony de Gouveia on 04/23/04 at 04:02:58

Hi there

I am trying to find out how to convert Cubic Feet per Minute to Bar (Pressure). Can anyone help?

Kind regards

Re: Cubic Feet per Minute to Bars (Pressure)
by Albert on 04/25/04 at 11:57:08

As far as i can see there is no way to convert flow ( feet^3 X min^-1) to pressure wich has area (feet^2) and force (newton or pounds)

for instance inch^3 x min^-1 won't get you Pounds x inch^2 (PSI: Pounds per square inch)

Now i have devided both sides by inch^2 wich gives
inch x min^-1 (speed) and pounds

speed = pounds
Wich is not possible.


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