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lbs/hour of Air to SWCFM

lbs/hour of Air to SWCFM
by Larry on 05/25/04 at 01:55:35

Trying to convert lbs/hour of air flow to SWCFM or hour.
Can this be done?

Re: lbs/hour of Air to SWCFM
by Robert Fogt on 05/25/04 at 13:46:43

I am not familiar with the term SWCFM. Could you have meant SCFM? Meaning Standard Cubic Feet per Minute.

You can convert them if you know the density of the air.

Air, at 0 C and 1 atmosphere pressure, is 1.29 kg/m[sup]3[/sup]

In the units you need, that equals:
1.29 kilogram/cubic meter = 0.0805321 pound/cubic foot

pounds/minute / 0.0805321 pounds/cubic foot = cubic foot/minute

cubic foot/minute * 0.0805321 pounds/cubic foot = pounds/minute

The S in SCFM means it needs to be measured at standard temperature and pressure. If not, the density will be slightly different and yor calculations will be off.

Re: lbs/hour of Air to SWCFM
by Larry on 05/30/04 at 10:16:45

Thanks for the reply Robert.
I believe the w stands for Wet, as it is being used in a stack flow measurement which fequently reference dry and wet measurements.

Re: lbs/hour of Air to SWCFM
by Robert Fogt on 05/31/04 at 00:38:24

Wet air is bound to have a different density, so you should not use 1.29 kg/m[sup]3[/sup] in the above conversion. I do not know the density of wet air.

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