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Converting Money by Time Period

Converting Money by Time Period
by Garry on 06/09/04 at 18:45:13

How much would a 1904 thru 1914 dollar be worth today?

I am doing some research in the 1904-14 time period & would like to know the value of money then in terms of today.  For example, if someone earned $240 a month, or $0.23 per hour, what are the current equivalents?

Ye Olde College Textbook has the Present & Future Values of Money formulae, but nothing for the Past.   I won't even ask how the ups & downs of inflation/deflations would be inserted in the mix.


Re: Converting Money by Time Period
by Robert Fogt on 06/10/04 at 00:18:09

I have a economic history resourse bookmarked here:

It can "Comparing the purchasing power of money in the United States (or colonies) from 1665 to any other year including the present."

It is probably nothing I will ever be able to host here, but I will link to them.

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