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by Mark Thornton on 06/18/04 at 02:50:51

I've come across a unit in oil production entitled Sm≥/D (something cubic metres per day) to describe flow rate.

Does anyone know what the 'S' stands for? I've done some searching, I'm not sure if it means 'Standard' or if it's an approximation for an estimation of amount of oil in a mixture (part oil, gas and water for example).

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Best regards,


Re: Sm≥/D
by Robert Fogt on 06/18/04 at 14:06:32

Usually if the S meant [i]Standard[/i] it would be in acronym form completely, such as SCMD, not in symbol form of Sm[sup]3[/sup]/d.

Mixing acronym form and symbol form would be considered a big no-no. Should use either one, but not a mix of both.

But if the S were a symbol, it would mean siemens, since that is what the uppercaseletter S is the symbol for. But that makes no sense seen in a flow rate.

But then again, you use capital D, which is Dalton, not day. The symbol for day is lowercase d. Though maybe you put them in uppercase just to distinguish them.

So after all my rambling, the most I can say is I do not know what it stands for in that context.  :-/

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