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by Stampmom on 06/22/04 at 10:42:07

If I have a product that is 60ml and I can take up to 6 mg per day, how many days will that last?

Re: dosage
by Albert on 06/23/04 at 10:54:45

Is this liquid a solution of something?

If this 60 ml is water, that means it weigth is 60 gram that is 60 000 milligram that means it can last 10 000 days.

1 gram is 1000 milligram (milli is 10^-3)

Calculation: 60 g/10^-3 = 60 000 mg

If the 60 ml is a solution of something in a defined concentration, other calculations apply!!!

Hope this helps

Re: dosage
by Robert Fogt on 06/23/04 at 12:55:27

If this is some sort of medicine, I would ask your pharmacist what the density of the solution is. Better safe than sorry.

Just a little standard disclaimer I like to add to medical related queries.  :)

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