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by Jerry Reynolds on 08/31/04 at 17:24:55

When measuring steel they use 22 gauge or 25 gauge. What does this mean? If it  is the thickness of steel, how thick is 25 gauge?
cj :)

Re: Gauge
by Robert Fogt on 08/31/04 at 22:30:31

Guage is a measure of the thickness of metal. In the very distant past, it used to be how many sheets it took to fill up a certain distance. If it took 24 sheets it was 24 guage, if it took 3 sheets it was 3 guage.

That is why the larger the guage the thinner the metal, because it took more sheets to fill up a certain distance. But today this is no longer true, as guage is standardized and just read from a chart.

There is a sheet metal guage conversion page up here:

Re: Gauge
by Robert Fogt on 08/31/04 at 22:35:45

Darn my spelling errors.  It is spelled Gauge, not guage as I spelled it.

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