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PLEASE help converting

PLEASE help converting
by Yuliana on 11/13/04 at 20:49:13

Hi, I bought a liquid sweetner ,and the nutritional facts are written like this:
serving: 1 drop
calories: 0,007
protein: 0,003

I want to know,how many drops equal 1 gram of prtens to equal 4 or 5 calories?

PLEASe email me with the answer  if pssible.Thanks

Re: PLEASE help converting
by Robert Fogt on 11/15/04 at 04:16:37

To equal 1 gram of protein, you would need 334 drops.
1/0.003  = 333.33

To equal 4 calories, you would need 572 drops.
4/0.007 = 571.43

Re: PLEASE help converting
by Yuliana on 11/16/04 at 16:29:44

thanksa alot. I just was confused cause it wrote the nuri facts with commas not any decimals so i got confused. Thanks

Re: PLEASE help converting
by Robert Fogt on 11/16/04 at 16:54:42

It depends on the country. The U.S. and surrounding countries use . as a decimal point and , as the thousandths seperator. Other countries use . and [space] and yet others swap and use , and .

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