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boyant force

boyant force
by njeri on 12/21/04 at 09:59:54

any ideas on how I could meassure the buoyant force of air in water in natural environment?
for example how much do 10L of air weigh in 10m depth, 100m depth
a formula or a similar experiment would help

Re: boyant force
by Robert Fogt on 12/23/04 at 10:29:31

The boyant force is equal to the weight of the amount of liquid displaced.

For example, if a 10 liter object is placed in water, you will displace 10 liters of water, so the boyant force on the object is equal to the weight of 10 liters of water, which is 10 kilograms.

The depth does not effect the boyance force on the object, so it would be the same at all depths.

But, I assume if it is air such as in a baloon, the weight of the water itself would compress the air, making the amount of displace water smaller, causing the boyant force to be less. But not sure about that.

Try this site here:

Re: boyant force
by njeri on 12/27/04 at 17:17:47

thnx for the trouble and the link, does save a lots of time, great site by the way

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