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by rangar3 on 12/28/04 at 13:58:13

This site is great....I am new to it so I have a question:
When I am using this site for measurements, everything is rounded.  

Ex: 1.3cm = 13mm

I would like to know that 1.3cm = 13.43mm or something like that....rounded to 0.00.  I am sure there is a way to do it on this site.  I just have not found out how to do it yet since I am new to it.

Thanks for the help....


Re: Decimals....
by Robert Fogt on 12/28/04 at 18:04:13

The result that is output depends on the input. The result is automatically calculated to be as accurate as possible (though only up to 7 decimal places because of javascript limits).

For example,
1.3 cm = 13 mm
1.343 cm = 13.43 mm
1.34345 cm = 13.4345 mm

The output is rounded to the exact amount in every case.

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