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mg/kg to mg/L?

mg/kg to mg/L?
by brhacker on 02/16/05 at 11:47:35

I was curious how to convert from mg/kg to mg/L or vice versa.  For instance I have 0.00028 mg/L, what is the number in mg/kg?

Re: mg/kg to mg/L?
by R on 02/16/05 at 17:58:24

this refer to a concentration(%w/V), so if you have xmg/ L of y , you have to divide X by the density of the solution (at low concentration you can assume that dsolvant=dsolution) to obtain X in mg/kg (%w/w). But you have to take care, because you can find concentration in term of molality wich is the concentration per Kg of solvant.


Re: mg/kg to mg/L?
by Robert Fogt on 02/16/05 at 18:29:46

Pure water has a density of 1 kilogram/liter, so in the case of water:

mg/kg = mg/L

No conversion would be necessary as they are the same.

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