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Hundredth of hours

Hundredth of hours
by orion on 03/13/05 at 02:07:28

Can you tell me what formula applies to transform usual notation of time measurements shown under the form of hours/minutes/seconds (hh:mm:ss) into hundredths of hour i.e. in decimal numeration ?

Re: Hundredth of hours
by Robert Fogt on 03/13/05 at 15:46:53

Do this:

hour + (minute / 60) + (second / 3600)

Re: Hundredth of hours
by orion on 03/14/05 at 04:42:43

Thanks for your help.
In fact I've already imagined such an approach. I even have built an Excel sheet showing time values converted into hundredths of hour, but what I'd rather be interested in would be to deduct the FORMULA applying to any time value HH:MM:SS to convert it into decimal notation (i.e. hundredths HH,xxxxx). Unfortunately I'm not a star in maths and I'm not able to find it by myself.
Is there an Excel function which may help me showing the formula from any result in the sheet I've done ?

Re: Hundredth of hours
by Robert Fogt on 03/15/05 at 00:31:55

Let's say you have a time value in cell A1, then you would use this formula in cell A2:


Just make sure the cell the above formula is in is formated for a number.  Click on "Format Cells" and select "Number" and set how many decimal places to display.

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