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A sweet addition to OC Conversion Pro

A sweet addition to OC Conversion Pro
by groucho on 03/13/05 at 16:18:36

This program is very nice.
For those of us programmer types who are sometimes stuck searching for a conversion formula, displaying a text or memo box with the formula of the selected conversion would be a VERY helpful addition to OC Conversion Pro.  

That way, we still have the program to do our everyday stuff, and it serves as both a reference and unit testing tool.

Jim in Pittsburgh

Re: A sweet addition to OC Conversion Pro
by Robert Fogt on 03/13/05 at 22:35:10

I have been playing around with posibilities such as that. Not sure if you've seen the stand alone Temperature Converter, but it has the option of showing the formulas and working it out step by step.

That is a bit more than what you were looking for, but you can do that for all the conversions except for Temperature and Fuel Consumption.  Temperature and Fuel Consumption require an actual formula, while the rest just need a conversion factor.

First, just convert a quanity of 1, for example:
1 kilometer = 1,000 meter

Your conversion factor is 1000
kilometer * 1000 = meter

That is a *workaround* for what you are looking for. I will see about adding something like that for future versions.

Re: A sweet addition to OC Conversion Pro
by groucho on 03/13/05 at 22:41:18

Thanks for the response.
I see what you mean.  
I always forget formulas for converting LBS to KG,
Farenhieit to Celcius, etc.  Always end up scrounging around either my own old code or the net.  

Ot's be great to use the software as a reference/tester/prover.

Thanks again
Jim in Pgh

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