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Flow of litres per min to kPa

Flow of litres per min to kPa
by Danny Evans on 03/13/05 at 18:43:13

I have a dispute with a washing machine manufacturer.

We have a water pressure of 30 litres per minute and I want to convert that to kPa.

The manufacturer quotes a pressure guide of  50kPa-800kPa as suitable for the machine and says that our water pressure is too high.

It seems to me that 800kPa is a lot more than a water flow of 30 litres per minute.

Can anyone help me please?  :-/

Re: Flow of litres per min to kPa
by Robert Fogt on 03/13/05 at 22:24:28

30 liters per minute is a flow rate, and it is not possible to convert that directly to pressure.  A single flow rate could have varying amounts of pressure.

The only way I can think of to do it would be to measure the pressure with a gauge.

Someone familiar with plumbing should be familiar with various household water flow rates and may be able to tell you if yours is higher or lower than average, but they couldn't tell you what your pressure was based on that. I have no idea how your washing machine manufacturer could.

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