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Tesla to  MHz

Tesla to  MHz
by Debbie on 03/13/05 at 20:48:41

I am wondering what the conversion between Tesla and MHz is. I am taking an NMR class and this would be very helpful!


Re: Tesla to  MHz
by Robert Fogt on 03/13/05 at 22:50:30

I do not think you can convert between them.  Megahertz is frequency, and tesla is flux density or field intensity.

Could you provide more information on exactly what you are converting between?

Re: Tesla to  MHz
by James Gilbert on 10/26/05 at 10:23:24

Found this info.  While the Tesla number would remain the same for a given magnet, the MHz number would change for a given nucleus.

GYROMAGNETIC RATIO (g) - a constant for any given nucleus that relates the nuclear MR frequency and the strength of the external magnetic field. It represents the ratio of the magnetic moment (field strength) to the angular momentum (frequency) of a particle. The value of the gyromagnetic ratio for hydrogen (1H) is 4,258 Hz/Gauss (42.58 MHz/Tesla).

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