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Newbie question on cost comparison    Fi

Newbie question on cost comparison    Fi
by ItsMeBobO on 03/19/05 at 22:09:45

Cool site! Added to my favorites.  I am very impressed but didnt find a conversion for my question.   I was looking for a cost comparision calculator.  

The same exact fish food comes in 5 sizes. I figured the cost per pound after converting.
2.82 oz  $5.99       $33.98 / lb
5.65 oz  $9.99       $28.29 / lb
7.06 oz  $11.49      $26.04 / lb
1.88 lb  $34.99      $18.61 / lb
4.52 lb  $54.99      $12.16 / lb

Is there a page to convert the unit of measure and the price into a cost per unit?  It would also be cool to have a number of units free assuming the higher cost per unit on the other volume.  I think I did this right.  4.52 lbs at 18.61 is $84.11 so buying the larger amount saves $29.12 which is 1.56 lbs free.  Could also be stated as 83% of the $34.99 size free.

What about time? The $11.49 size is lasting 5 weeks (.08825 lbs and $2.30 /week) then the $54.99 size will last 51.21 weeks at $1.07 / week.  

The real question is how big a container is needed to hold 4.52 pounds? The seller doesnt say online. Strangely, both the 5.65 oz and the 7.06 oz are sold in the same size container with different labels.  Its a tube 3.5 inch diameter and 6.5 high.

Re: Newbie question on cost comparison    Fi
by Robert Fogt on 03/21/05 at 19:27:33

I do not have anything online that will help you with any "cost per unit" type of conversion, though I have added it to my to-do list and I will see what I can come up with in the future.

Also, I wont be able to help with the container size you'd need for 4.52 pounds of food. Without knowing the density of the substance, a weight to volume conversion would not be easy. that is unless you weighed a known amount.

Weight to volume conversions are asked for quite often. I've been collecting data on various substances, but so far nothing on fish food.

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