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US cups to UK cups

US cups to UK cups
by Carmen on 03/20/05 at 13:43:59

I have a recipe that uses US cups. Instead of trying to convert them all into UK measurements can i just use a UK cup instead?

For example instead of using 1 US cup of flour i use 1 Uk cup of flour. Will this make a lot of difference to the recipe?

It's just that 1 US cup = 236.6ml
1 UK cup = 250ml

and it be too much of a hassle to try and get it exactly right unless there is another method i can use

Re: US cups to UK cups
by Robert Fogt on 03/21/05 at 19:36:34

The difference is pretty much too small to matter. You could safely use the metric cup for the U.S. cup without changing your recipie.

If you wanted to be more exact, a U.S. cup is about 2 U.K. teaspoons bigger than a U.K. cup.

So if the recipie calls for 1 U.S. cup, just use 1 U.K. cup plus 2 U.K. teaspoons.  Or like you said, just use 1 U.K. cup, as the difference is so small that it wont matter.

Re: US cups to UK cups
by Carmen on 03/24/05 at 06:02:21

But i thought that US cups are smaller as they only hold 236.5ml whereas UK cups hold 240ml.

Re: US cups to UK cups
by Robert Fogt on 03/24/05 at 13:44:27

Right you are. I had that backwards. A U.S. cup is 2 U.K. teaspoons smaller.

1 U.S. cup = 0.94635295 metric cup

I messed up and used 0.94635295 as the UK cup size when its the U.S. cup size.

Re: US cups to UK cups
by Granny on 04/13/05 at 09:17:14

So, what you are saying is if the recipe calls for US cups
and you use a UK cup...then take away a couple teaspoons....
(except...what if UK teaspoons are bigger??)..lol

Nice site btw....   ;)

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