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mg to ml ?!

mg to ml ?!
by Lili on 03/22/05 at 13:59:07

Hello, I need to know how many ml 1000mg of Flaxeed oil would give. Can anyone help?

Re: mg to ml ?!
by Robert Fogt on 03/23/05 at 01:24:55

Searching with Google, I found that flaxseed oil has a density of 0.93 to 0.94 grams/milliliter

That means 1 milliliter weighs 0.93 to 0.94 grams. In your case, you have 1000 milligrams (1 gram) and want to know the milliliters, so you multiply by 1/0.93 or 1/0.94

1 gram * 1/0.93 = 1.08 milliliters
1 gram * 1/0.94 = 1.06 milliliters

So 1000 mg of flaxseed oil will be between 1.06 and 1.08 milliliters.

So close to 1 milliliter you could just use that unless you really needed that much accuracy.

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