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square yards to tons

square yards to tons
by rosrob2u on 04/14/05 at 21:19:44

???  I have 10126 square yards and have to order material for that area.  I know the heighth will be 4" tall, how many tons of material do I need to order?  By the way, I love your site.  You have helped me out of some tight spots.  Thanks.

Re: square yards to tons
by Robert Fogt on 04/15/05 at 03:05:31

That depends on the substance. Every substance will have a different weight to volume conversion factor.

If you let me know the substance, I may be of more help.

Re: square yards to tons
by Rosa Campbell on 04/15/05 at 10:15:54

The material is asphalt road base with 1" limestone crush rock.  Thank you.

Re: square yards to tons
by Robert Fogt on 04/15/05 at 22:54:03

I found data on the following:

Asphalt, crushed - 45 pounds/cubic foot
Limestone, broken - 97 pounds/cubic foot
Limestone, pulverized - 87 pounds/cubic foot

First we need to convert everything to the same base unit, such as feet.

10,126 square yard = 91,134 square foot
4 inches = 1/3 foot

91,134 square foot * 1/3 foot = 30,378 cubic foot

Now just multiply the total cubic foot by the density of the substance, and you'll get the total pounds.

30,378 cubic foot * 45 pounds/cubic foot = 1,367,010 pounds

1,367,010 pounds / 2000 = 683.505 U.S. ton

But since I am not exactly sure of the material you mentioned, I just used the data for crushed asphalt.

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