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lbs to ?????

lbs to ?????
by rosrob2u on 04/22/05 at 16:38:35

I have a weight ticket and need to find out what it is per cubic feet.  The amount of the material is 47,680 pounds.  I do say that I am very lost. ???

Re: lbs to ?????
by Robert Fogt on 04/22/05 at 16:50:20

You would also need to know the density, as a weight to volume conversion factor depends on the density of the substance.

If you post what the substance is, I may be able to look up the density.

Re: lbs to ?????
by rosrob2u on 04/22/05 at 21:50:43

It is A1 base like the TxDot uses.  I do greatly appreciate all the help.

Re: lbs to ?????
by Robert Fogt on 04/23/05 at 02:48:08

Well I have no idea what A1 base is.

Could it be one of the items I listed in this post here:;action=display;num=1113869717

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