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cubic meters to area

cubic meters to area
by Kathy Peterson on 05/02/05 at 02:38:54

I have been trying to work this problem for awhile and wondered if I could get some help, please?  Here is the question:
Suppose a 0.6 cubic meter of oil is spilled into the ocean.  Find the area of the resulting slick, assuming that it is one molecule thick, and that each molecule occupies a cube .30 x 10 to the -6th power.  The answer should be in square meters.

Re: cubic meters to area
by Robert Fogt on 05/02/05 at 04:58:33

The formula would be:
Area = Volume / Height

Area = 0.6 cubic meter / 0.30e-6 meters = 2,000,000 square meters

Re: cubic meters to area
by Kathy Peterson on 05/02/05 at 08:26:41

Thank you so very much for the solution!  

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