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Excel Calculation

Excel Calculation
by Bryant Robinson on 05/25/05 at 16:27:07

I'm trying to apply the following formula into Excel.


ex. 112-12=100 -/112=0.892857142857

In the above example the finished result should be 89 without any additional
numeric value. Is there anyway to display this result in Excel?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Excel Calculation
by Robert Fogt on 05/25/05 at 18:38:46

I used the following formula:


If cell E4 contains 112 and cell F4 contains 12, then the cell with the formula will contain 89.

Now the problem is the INT function I used, it just drops all after the decimal place, which is what I guess you asked for. It does not round. For example, if the number is 89.9 and you want to round up to 90, you need to use the ROUND function, not the INT function like I used.

Here is using the round function:


Using INT it just drops the decimal, using ROUND it rounds the decimal.

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