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flow rate to pressure for gas

flow rate to pressure for gas
by tk on 06/01/05 at 23:18:13

I would like to convert a flow rate (in ft3/s) to pressure or force for liquid helium at temp of 4.7K.  Can someone help?

Re: flow rate to pressure for gas
by Robert Fogt on 06/02/05 at 02:08:22

I am not sure you can convert directly between flow rate and pressure.

For example, filling a sealed air tank would have constant flow rate but ever increasing pressure.

The two are just not directly related enough. Probably additional information is needed, and I cant think of what though.

Re: flow rate to pressure for gas
by Graham Wright on 06/08/05 at 17:22:14

If you had a pump on the tank and an approximate volume of the tank you could probably do this.

I am having a similar problem trying to determine the flow rate of gas (in sccm) into a plasma source with a turbopump pumping out 150 l/s and removing ~10 A of ions (~6 x 10^29 ions/s) to maintain a pressure of, let's say 200 mtorr.

By the way, I love this site and use it all the time!

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