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by abhishek_basak on 06/03/05 at 04:39:28

Hi all,

I came accrossthe following passage:

For Helium leak test, the acceptance criterion is as follows:
(i) e- lusecs per cubic meter for over all leak testing....

what does lusecs mean? I searched the net, but I could only find the following
Leak rate(lusecs)=volume(litres)x Pressure Rise in microns (10-3 Torr).

Can anyone clarrify the above..


Re: lusecs
by Robert Fogt on 06/03/05 at 04:53:39

I found the following definition for lusecs.

a unit of power used to express the performance or leakage of vacuum pumps. One lusec represents a flow of one liter per second at a pressure of one micrometer (or micron) of mercury, or 1 LmHg/s. Since "u" is sometimes used as a symbol for the micron, the name of the unit is an acronym for liter-micron/second. One lusec is equivalent to 1.3156 atmcm3/s or 133.3 Pacm3/s, which is the same as 133.3 microwatts.

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