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aflatoxin level

aflatoxin level
by JAY PICARDAL on 06/06/05 at 03:13:41

hi ...im having difficulty in determining the equivalent / ratio of 10 CFU / g of fungus to ? parts per billion of aflatoxin. If there is a standard conversion factor for this, please send it to me....i need it badly OR any idea on how to determine level of aflatoxin (in ppb) if you only have colony count, say 10 CFU/g as data?
 ???This is for my MS Thesis.


Re: aflatoxin level
by Robert Fogt on 06/06/05 at 20:13:03

That sounds tough.

I have heard of CFU, but as defined, I see no way to convert it to PPB easily.

You'd need the weight of CFU. For example, if CFU weighed 1 nanogram, then 1 CFU/gram would be 1 nanogram/gram which is 1 PPB.

colony forming units, a count of the number of active bacterial cells in preparations of Lactobacillus acidophilus and other "friendly" organisms of the digestive system. Counts as high as one billion CFU per gram are not uncommon.

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