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Concrete patio slab

Concrete patio slab
by taino on 06/19/05 at 00:04:19

how do you convert 975 sqft. into yards.

Re: Concrete patio slab
by Robert Fogt on 06/22/05 at 08:13:20

You would need to know the thickness also.

Volume = Area * Height

Though all the units need to be of the same base, for example, feet.

square feet * height in feet = cubic feet

You could then convert cubic feet to cubic yards on the volume conversion page.

Re: Concrete patio slab
by Malron on 07/04/05 at 13:18:49

An easy formula for figuring concrete is as follows.
 Length x Width x Thickness Divided by 27 this is assuming all your dimensions are in feet.
 For example: 10'x10'x 4"=33 ; Take  33 and divide by 27 which equals 1.222 cubic yards of concrete.

In the above equation 4" is .33' I am a concrete Supt. This is the formula I use every day . you have to change inches into feet or decimal form in this equation.

[u]Length x Width x Thickness [/u]

I hope that came out all right .

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