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percent solutions

percent solutions
by Susan Lloyd on 06/22/05 at 11:17:53

Please help.  I am having a brain freeze.
I need to convert a 1% solution of drug to a dose that will equal 30 micrograms total of drug.  Thank you.

Re: percent solutions
by Robert Fogt on 06/26/05 at 00:17:49

You'll need to post the drugs density.  If you know that I may be able to help with the conversion factor.

Re: percent solutions
by Susan Lloyd on 06/27/05 at 12:53:13

I thought the percent solution would tell you that?  It seems I remember that a 10% solution of drug equals 100mg/ml, so a 1% solution should be 10mg/ml...correct?  This is the problem, I can not find anywhere on the drug what the concentration is except that it is a 1% solution.

Re: percent solutions
by Robert Fogt on 06/30/05 at 08:18:53

But that really depends on the density though.  The percent solution is either by volume such as ml/ml or by weight such as mg/mg, when you mix and match such as mg/ml you need to know the density.

You're assuming 1 gram of the drug is the same weight as 1 milliliter of the solution its in. It very well may be, in that case 10% solution would be 0.10 grams/millilter or 100 milligrams/milliliter

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