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Related Units - just for fun

Related Units - just for fun
by wisepeppy on 07/07/05 at 12:03:16

I often find myself just poking through units to see how they relate to each other - for example, how many gnat's eyes are in a bee's space?  I like to look for pairs of units that are even multiples of each other, and not just because they're metric multiples.

I think it would be fun for the site to post lists of these unit "threads" - the distance section is full of them.

For example: 6 feet in a fathom, 110 fathom in a furlong, 24 furlong in a league.

Such lists would provide good insight into the origins and relation of oddball or antiquated units.

Re: Related Units - just for fun
by Robert Fogt on 07/08/05 at 02:02:12

I have been working on a dictionary of the units and thier symbols. It is just not completed enough to make it useful so as of yet it is not up on the site. As you can imagine with hundreds of thousands of units it may never be complete, but I will post it once I have a few pages worth.

It should be helpful in ways you suggest, as most often the obsolete units are defined in ways related to each other. Such as the units "chain" and "link". Where 1 chain is defined as 100 links.

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