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natural gas conversion

natural gas conversion
by paa on 07/14/05 at 19:00:36

Here's my question:

I have one report that reports the pentanes in a natural gas pipeline as 1053 ppm. The federal gov't. specification is in molecular percentage: 0.06%. How do I get from mole % to ppm? Thanks ever so,

Re: natural gas conversion
by Robert Fogt on 07/15/05 at 07:01:38

I found a page with all the formulas here:


If you scroll down a bit, right after the mole percentage and ppm formulas, you'll find a java calculator that will convert them for you.

Re: natural gas conversion
by paa on 07/15/05 at 10:49:31

Robert, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks very much for your help,

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