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acres to miles

acres to miles
by caroljackson on 08/04/05 at 10:03:37

Greetings, I am working on a website for kids. I want to convert acres to something they can relate to. There are 700,000 acres in the Chesapeake Bay. I'd like to convert that number to miles, or something else. Thoughts? What would the formula be? Thanks for your help!

Re: acres to miles
by Robert Fogt on 08/05/05 at 03:41:03

For accuracy you would need to know the dimensions, but you could work out something just for fun without having to get too technical.

A football field (not counting the endzones) is about 1.1 acre.

700,000 / 1.1 = 636363.636

You could fit about 636364 football fields in Chesapeake Bay.

Something like that?

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