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Square feet of rocks to Tons

Square feet of rocks to Tons
by rocks on 08/04/05 at 20:32:13

I'm trying to figure how much landscape rock I will need to order to cover 256 sq. ft.  The landscape rock is 3/4" quartz, and I'm being told that I need 5.75 tons to cover this square footage with a 3" depth.  That's 11,500 lbs of crushed rock!  Does this compute?  I am so math challenged in square footage to volume!  Thank you for any help you can offer.

Re: Square feet of rocks to Tons
by Robert Fogt on 08/05/05 at 03:55:05

256 square foot * (3/12) foot = 64 cubic foot

So you need 64 cubic foot of rock.

I could not find any data on quartz landscape rock, but crushed stone has a density of 100 pounds/cubic foot. We can use that as an estimate.

64 cubic foot * 100 pounds/cubic foot = 6400 pounds

Thats about half the weight you were quoted. Whether it is right or not, I do not know. Depends on how much heavier quartz landscape rock is compared to crushed stone.

Lump quartz has a density of 97 pounds/cubic foot, which is about the same as crushed stone, so I am leaning towards 5.75 ton being a bit too much. The only real way is to find out the density of your landscape rock, or buy it by volume. The only thing you are sure of is how many cubic foot you need.

Re: Square feet of rocks to Tons
by Susan Altenburg on 08/11/05 at 01:05:59

Thank you, Robert.  I ordered 2 tons and that was perfect.  I appreciate your help!

Re: Square feet of rocks to Tons
by rocks on 08/11/05 at 01:09:21

I made a mistake - I ordered 3 tons, and that was perfect.  Thank you, Robert.

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