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mg to ml

mg to ml
by Sandi Hardman on 08/19/05 at 13:00:48

My project is: I used to buy puppy wormer in tablet form and 1 tablet = 22.7 mg, now I have liquid of the same medicine that said it was for puppies/dogs, but it tells me how to give dosage to a pony or horse in ml.  and I don't know how to convert.  Can anyone help me?
Thanks!  Sandi

Re: mg to ml
by Robert Fogt on 08/21/05 at 04:48:03

You're going from a dry weight to a liqud volume. And I do not see any way to convert between them.

I think you need to contact the manufacture of the drug directly.  You will need some sort of "milliliter of drug per kilogram of dog weight" factor.

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