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Wind speed to pressure

Wind speed to pressure
by ljl on 08/21/05 at 18:05:57

The building code indicates homes must be built for a 90 mph wind speed.  How does this get converted to a pressure.  

Re: Wind speed to pressure
by Robert Fogt on 08/22/05 at 01:52:59

That formula can be found here:

I would have thought it very complex, but it appears to be a quite simple formula.

There are also a couple other pages of good reading for you here:

Re: Wind speed to pressure
by ljl on 08/24/05 at 19:00:06

Thanks, Robert.  I don't know how you found this, I spent a couple of hours looking.  Its exactly what I wanted.  The Canadian Building Council is great, much better than what we have here in the States.

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