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cubic meter (m3) to thousand board foot

cubic meter (m3) to thousand board foot
by GUS on 08/23/05 at 15:58:13

Im working on the wood trade, from Brazil to US and many other coutires and im trying to figure out how shoould I convert prices in cubic meter (m3) to thousand board foot (mbf), I have a customer looking for some prices on IPE LUMBER and he gave me somes sizes, as follows:

1" x 6" x  12-16
1" x 8" x  12-18

Price Usd 1300 per m3

Can you help me in make this conversation ?

Re: cubic meter (m3) to thousand board foot
by Robert Fogt on 08/24/05 at 04:10:02

You would do something like this:

cubic meters / (board width in meters * board thickness in meters) = linear meters

linear meters * 3.28 = linear foot

linear foot / 1000 = thousand board foot

About the only thing to keep in mind, is to convert the board width and thickness to meters first, or the first formula will not be correct.

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