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Magnetic Holding Force - N/M vs g/sq cm

Magnetic Holding Force - N/M vs g/sq cm
by Greg Cole on 08/23/05 at 23:43:43

Have a work related problem hoping someone can help me with.

Customer wants a flexible rubber magnetic tape with a holding force of 25 N/m.

Manufacturer offers holding force measurement of 78 grams per square centimetre. The tape is 9mm wide therefore estimate holding force to be 70.2 grams per lineal centimetre of this specific tape.

How do I (can I ?) convert one to the other.

Any assistance most appreciated - BTW luv the site !

Re: Magnetic Holding Force - N/M vs g/sq cm
by Robert Fogt on 08/24/05 at 04:34:08

25 Newton = 2549.29053244482 gram-force

78 grams/square centimeter * 0.9 centimeter = 70.2 grams/centimeter

70.2 grams/centimeter / 0.01 = 7020 grams/meter

You need 2549 grams/meter and you have 7020 grams/meter, so it looks like its fine.

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