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by Marilyn Valencia on 09/06/05 at 01:28:03

I need help with a conversion

I need to figure out ng are in 1 ml of drug

I have a 1mg/ml concentration of Remodulin

the dose is 4 ng/kg/ml and pts wt is 87 kg

the drug is mixed like so:  1 cc of drug with 99 cc of saline
drug is being infused at rate of 47 mg/24 hours

what i am trying to figure out is what is the concentration of drug in 1 mg/ml

I think my brain is on over load because I can't seem to get this


Re: conversion
by Robert Fogt on 09/06/05 at 22:39:15

I am not sure I am following you.

You have a drug with a concentration of 1 mg/ml, and you want to know what that is in ng?

1 milligram (mg) is 1,000,000 nanogram (ng).

1 milliliter (ml) is the same as a cubic centimeter (cc)

If the dose is 4 ng per kg of weight and your pet weighs 87 kilograme, he needs 87*4=348 ng of the drug.

348 nanogram = 0.000348 milligram

Is any of that the information you needed? I was not sure exactly what you were after.

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