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conversion of ng/J to ng/m3???(additional info)

conversion of ng/J to ng/m3???(additional info)
by caro on 09/12/05 at 10:24:17

Hello everybody!!

I need to know how can I change a unit of energy into a unit of volume.... :-/

ng/Joule into ng/Nm3?????

Please....help me!!

Well, I am trying to convert some emission limits from power plants. In USA they use ng/Joule (ng of pollutant per Joule produced or lb/MWh) and here in Europe the values are given in ng/m3 normal (ng of pollutant per normal cubic meter of flue gas emitted) . I don't know how or what kind of information I need to convert a unit of energy into a volume unit???

Thanks for your help!  :-*

Re: conversion of ng/J to ng/m3???
by Robert Fogt on 09/12/05 at 19:11:43

Can you provide more information as to what you are trying to do?

Can I assume the Nm³ is "Normal cubic meter" and not Newton cubic meter?

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