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conversion of antithrombin III IU to mg?

conversion of antithrombin III IU to mg?
by Sergi on 09/13/05 at 10:16:19

I am wondering where I can find the conversion factor to get mg from International Units.
This kind of conversion is of course depending on the molecule. Does anybody know whether there is a list with that kind of conversions?
Thanks everybody,

Re: conversion of antithrombin III IU to mg?
by Robert Fogt on 09/15/05 at 00:50:49

IU (International Units) does not depend on the molecule. IU is actualy a standard agreed upon weight of the substance that is said to have a certain biological effect.

A bunch of medical doctors get together someplace in France and agree upon a certain number of milligrams of a drug in an IU.

That being said, it is different for every type of substance, and may change over time. You cant calculate it, you have to look it up.

I searched for antithrombin III and everything I found suggests that it is measured as a density in blood, in units such as mg/dl. I could find no data for IU.

Re: conversion of antithrombin III IU to mg?
by Sergi on 09/15/05 at 03:12:01

Thanks a lot for your response.

Just to say that the 2nd International Standard for Antithrombin, concentrate 96/520 (WHO, NIBSC) is labelled with IU.

I want to use this standard for an In Vitro Diagnostics product and as you mention, all this IVD products for antithrombin are using mg/dl (density).

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