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Waterflow between tanks

Waterflow between tanks
by joe page on 09/16/05 at 13:59:20

I have a smoker with a component being a water pan just above the fire and just below the meat. Problem: Much too often I have to check the water pan to see if it needs water added. i.e. how low the water is and to add more water if needed.
I want to keep the water level consistent while remaining near the same temperature and I don’t have to check the water level as often.
Is my solution a valid one?  1) Build an auxiliary water pan, but much bigger. A water cooler will do. 2) Keep the water level in the cooler the same as the water pan in the smoker. < will have to build a platform to place the cooler on to get it that high>
3) Put a siphon tube between the two <lets call them:> ‘tanks’ of water. Due to gravity and atmospheric pressure <or whatever>, the two water levels will remain the same.
4) I can now tell what the water level on the inside ‘tank ‘is because I can see the water
level on the outside tank. I add more water if getting low.
5) The water level in the inside tank will remain hot and recede at slower pace than before. Because a) evaporated water on the inside is being replaced by the water from the outside. b) The siphon tube is small and therefore is replacing water at a slow constant pace thereby giving no hot-cold spikes to inside water pan. c) The large water surface area on the outside relative to the small surface inside causes the inside water to recede slowly.
In other words, I have, in a true sense, one large water pan with a hot spot for evaporation. I won’t have to attend to as often because the outside tank is receding very slowly.  

Comments will help me.

Re: Waterflow between tanks
by Dale Shaulis on 09/20/05 at 12:22:08

Not so.  It is the level of the water,

Re: Waterflow between tanks
by Robert Fogt on 09/20/05 at 17:09:12

The actual height of the water in the pan, yes.  The big water cooler will completely empty until the height of water is equal to that of the pan.

But if the big pan is 50% full, that will not make the small pan 50% full.


In the first picture, the water level is the same in both the cooler and the pan, but that wont work, as the cooler will just empty until it looks like the second picture.

You'll need both the same size, as far as height goes anyways. I should not have used the wieght of the water, that was incorrect.

Re: Waterflow between tanks
by Wilfred on 10/07/05 at 03:53:48

There is an easy way to solve this problem, of maintaining a constant level of the water in the water pan which is above the fire.

You would need to make an extension to the pan, or have a small pan connected to the main pan by a pipe, so that the water level in the small pan is at exactly the same level as the water in the main pan.

If you can obtain a large glass bottle, for example a two-litre, or a half-gallon bottle (or whatever similar size you could obtain), this shall hold the extra water that shall be used to maintain the constant level in the main pan.

First, fill the bottle with water, then turn the bottle upside-down with the neck of the bottle resting in the small pan.  Water will not come out of the bottle, if the spout of the bottle is below the water level.

You will need to make some kind of bracket or support to hold the bottle in the required upside-down position, so that the spout of the bottle is at exactly the right height of the required water level.

Sorry I could not draw a picture for you, but I think you will understand the description I have given.

Re: Waterflow between tanks
by Charlotte Blackett on 10/10/05 at 12:04:50

:otht makes no sense whatsoever to me ??? :-[ :P

Re: Waterflow between tanks
by Wilfred on 10/10/05 at 22:48:15

Dear Charlotte,
Sorry if that makes no sense to you, but my solution works.
Did you understand the original problem?
Perhaps the most important part is that the solution is understandable by the person who asked the original question.

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