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Language Converter
by Justin Smith on 09/27/05 at 19:54:43

I need a FREE language converter that can translate english into thai and vice verser.

Please let me know if you can help me in any way! Justin

Re: Language Converter
by Robert Fogt on 09/28/05 at 05:48:38

The only free language converters I know of do not translate Thai.


I did find a site that claims free Thai translation, though I have not researched it.

Re: Language Converter
by Justin Smith on 09/29/05 at 01:46:05

thanks for your help!  ;D

Re: Language Converter
by monik on 10/05/05 at 15:57:32

did those link ever work for you ...cuz i still cant get it.i need a link also to convert english to thai or laos

Re: Language Converter
by Robert Fogt on 10/07/05 at 22:51:05

The links seem to be working fine now. Is it they do not work or they do not convert Thai?

Only the bottom link is to a Thai language site, the other two links convert languages for free, just not Thai.

Re: Language Converter
by Charlotte Blackett on 10/10/05 at 12:02:16

[glow=red,2,300]yey i can help someone!!

check out www.freetranslation.com    i use it for my french but it does spnish german chinese etc.

Its very good!!    maybe you could help me? look on my subject and help me with my fish tank please!!

Best wishes, Charlotte x[/glow]

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