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by Nancy Kerrigan on 10/06/05 at 16:54:44

I currently use 10%BSA, in liquid form, and dilute to 0.1%, I need to use a powder form, in grams, how do i dilute this to be the same concentration as 0.1%.
I think i just have a major block and can't open my mind..lol

Re: Conversion
by Robert Fogt on 10/07/05 at 23:07:07

Do you dilute it in water?

0.1% is 0.001, which is 1/1000.

That means 1 gram of powder for every 1000 grams of water.

Pure water at about 4 C has a density of 1 kilogram/liter.

So, you want 1 gram of powder per liter of water.

Re: Conversion
by N. Kerrigan on 10/21/05 at 12:10:16

Thank you for your help, I was so clutter in my mind I just couldn't remember the conversion. I dilute into 1XPBS, thank you so much

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