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convert mg/kg to mg/L

convert mg/kg to mg/L
by dccd on 11/04/05 at 14:27:04


Working on a project that I received lab results in with mg/kg units, but need them to be converted to mg/L.  I've read enough other postings that I think I need to use the item's density in the conversion process, but not sure.  When I try to look up the density, it's giving it to me in another unit, furthering my confusion.  Can anyone help?  Please talk slow.  I'm not a chemist.

The items are barium (61.4 mg/kg), chromium (173 mg/kg), arsenic (5.7 mg/kg) and lead (124mg/kg).

Re: convert mg/kg to mg/L
by Robert Fogt on 11/04/05 at 17:06:12

What is the substance those are disolved in?  Is it water?  Blood? For example, 61.4 mg/kg barium means 61.4 milligrams of barium per kilogram of what?

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