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PPM - Alternative Health Industry

PPM - Alternative Health Industry
by arclightmedia on 11/08/05 at 19:18:37

Hello - I'm a forum rookie but I appreciate conversion toos on the site!  I have a client in the alternative health industry that would like to promote an ozone generation machine (it supposedly kills bacteria/viruses in the air).  However, the EPA has reported that certain concentrations of Ozone are not considered healthful.  So here's my question...(I've tried to wrap my mind around it but it's making my head hurt)

In a room of 1280 cubic feet, the machine outputs 50 mg/hour of ozone.  What is the atmospheric PPM of Ozone after 1 hour of use?

I know that there are a lot of variables that would contribute to the accuracy of this answer like airflow and surface permeability, but I just need a general idea of if it is a technology that my client should pursue.  I appreciate any input you guys might have - even a direction to do the calculations myself.

I studied criminology, business and journalism...this math stuff freaks me out!!!  :)

Re: PPM - Alternative Health Industry
by rajiv_ganguly on 11/10/05 at 10:32:23

basically emission will be :
50mg of ozone in one hour in room of 1280 cubic feet.
now, 1 feet=0.3048mt, hence 1 ft cube is (0.3048)^3 metre cube ie, 0.0283metre cube. hence for 1280 cubic feet is 1280*0.0283= 36.25metre cube.

hence your emission is 50mg per 36.25 cubic metre ie, 1.38mg/metre cube or 0.00138microgram per metre cube or ie almost 0.0014 microgram/metre cube.

now to find the units in ppm, the relation is:

ppm= [(mg/metre cube)*(273+C)]/[12.187*(mol weight of compound)]

for ozone, MW=48 and if u know the temp apply it in the equation and u will get the value of ozone in ppm.

hope this helps

Re: PPM - Alternative Health Industry
by Garret on 11/10/05 at 12:00:05

Thank you so much for the assistance...I'm assuming that "C" is the temperature in celcius...please let me know if that's incorrect.

Thanks again!

Re: PPM - Alternative Health Industry
by Robert Fogt on 11/11/05 at 02:46:10

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