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Natural gas conversion (from MJ/hr to L/s) Urgent!

Natural gas conversion (from MJ/hr to L/s) Urgent!
by GH on 11/14/05 at 18:41:42

Hi Robert and ...,

As part of my study, I have to do an experiment on gas pipe bought from a gas pex company which supplies a sizing and test table:


I have connected the pipe to a gas-meter then to an air tank. Measure the volume of gas as liter per second (L/s) then compare to the above table which states the value in MJ/hr.

I know you have posted this message:

1 ft of natural gas = 1,087,200 joules

and based on that to make a conversion from MJ/hr to L/s to compare to my test result. However, the converted result is different to my tutor note as:

(MJ/hr) *1000/(38*3600) = L/s

(I do not know if his formular is right or not???)

Please give me any idea about that matter and the source where you have the above conversion from. I really need to verify urgently!!!

Many thanks!


Re: Natural gas conversion (from MJ/hr to L/s) Urg
by Robert Fogt on 11/15/05 at 09:54:25

The results only differ slightly.
mine: 1 liter = 38417 joules
yours: 1 liter = 38000 joules

Your result is fine, no reason not to used it.

All natural gas is not the same and all energy density reports will differ slightly. I have seen results from 34.6 MJ/m to 39 MJ/m (34600 to 39000 joules/liter)

Your tutors estimate of 38000 is fine, though the formula is confusing. Would have been better to list it like: (1000/38) / 3600 which separates the MJ to liter conversion factor from the hour to second factor.

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