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Camel power

Camel power
by Dustin on 11/15/05 at 08:25:31

How much can a camel pull?

Re: Camel power
by Robert Fogt on 11/15/05 at 09:57:43

Here is a link to information:

An Indian camel can haul 1.5 to  2 tones of load for about 8 hours covering a distance of 30-40 km/day on two  and four wheel carts within between rest of about 3 to 4 hrs, without showing any sign of distress.

Re: Camel power
by Dustin on 11/17/05 at 08:23:42

Is there anyway to convert this information into foot-pounds per minute. Sorta like turning horsepower to camel power. ;)

Re: Camel power
by Dustin on 11/17/05 at 08:39:43

Never mind its in there> :)

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