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120AC to 12DC to power winch

120AC to 12DC to power winch
by rwakely on 11/16/05 at 10:44:06

I have a 12vDC winch rated for 2,500 pounds that I'd like to power with 120V AC household current. Is that even possible? If so, how? I have looked far and wide for a suitable converter, but they all seem designed for running small DC appliances or electronics with low amperage. This is definitely not my field of expertise. Please help!

Re: 120AC to 12DC to power winch
by Duane Douglass on 11/21/05 at 21:04:30

There are power inverters available with enough capacity to handle your winch, but they would cost more than a new 120v winch. I suggest powering your 12v winch the way it was meant to be powered, with a battery and battery charger. For infrequent use with light loads you may get by with a riding lawnmower battery and a one amp charger. Frequent use with heavy loads may require a large marine deep cycle battery and a ten amp charger.
  You don't mention what you are using the winch for. Keep in mind that vehicle mounted winches are rated for rolling loads. They are not designed to lift loads. If used for lifting, I would hesitate to aproach even 1/4 of the rated capacity.

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